The Boss Beach Cleaner

The Boss Beach Cleaner is a purpose built machine, specifically designed to thoroughly clean unwanted debris and foreign articles from the beach such as broken glass, cigarette butts, cans, seaweed, medical waste, animal waste, plastic containers, stones, wood, tar balls and driftwood up to 1 metre in length.

Fully automated and towed behind a conventional 50hp 4WD tractor, the BOSS Beach Cleaner drives a series of spring steel finger tines through the sand to a depth of up to 150mm. It picks up the unwanted rubbish and deposits into a hopper at he rear of the beach cleaner for tipping into a skip bin or rubbish collection area.

It's extensively researched design incorporates quality components readily available from reputable suppliers within Australia and throughout the world. The comprehensive spare parts manual accompanying the machine ensures ease of maintenance and identification of sources for those parts if required.

Technical & Operating Specification

Cleaning Depth65mm to 150mm
Cleaning Width Standard1500mm
Cleaning Width with adaptors1800mm
Cleaning Speed2 to 15 Km per hour
Cleaning Area Per Hour25,200 square metres
Hopper Capacity1.12 cubic metres
Tipping Height1200mm to 2400mm
Hydraulic LinkageControls rake depth and hopper operation

Click on the link below to check out the BBC 2000 in action.

Click on the link below to view a media report of the National Award granted for "Western Australia Clean Beach for 2010" from the Keep Australia Beuatifaul Council - granted with the aide of our Boss Beach Cleaner.

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American Roulette Online - How to play?

American Roulette is your chance to have fun! If you consider yourself lucky, try American Roulette. Why this version? Compared to the French and European versions, it is even more risky for players because of the two zeros. But that's also what makes it so beloved by online roulette fans. To learn how American roulette differs from other versions and its rules, read this article and discover the basic American roulette rules.

American Roulette Strategy

Even though the game is quite old, it does not lose its popularity, but acquires new and new fans thanks to online casinos. Now all players have the possibility to play a few games without leaving their homes. What is this game and how to play it? American roulette is one of the versions of roulette with zero and double zero. This is its main difference from other versions. For example French roulette!

The American online roulette has the same principles as the French one. It was brought to the United States and over the years has undergone several changes to become what we now have as the American variant. What are the most important changes? These are:

  • the rules have become simpler
  • we have zero and double zero which increases the home advantage
  • the inscriptions are made in English
  • the order of the numbers on the wheel is different

American Roulette Rules

It's obvious that you can't get to the American Roulette table online without learning the rules. Even if they are not difficult and numerous, you need to understand the process of the game and the possible bets. So, you make bets, spin the wheel and wait for it to stop. All that is left is to learn the area that wins. If you have chosen the winning square you win the winnings. If not, your bet is taken by the casino

The game has zero and double zero, which considerably increases the advantage of the casino. However, this version remains as popular as the others. Players are driven by the desire to win and the fact that they have fewer chances does not stop them.

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